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I am the one whose gaze intimidates, but from whom you will not be able to look away.

I am the one who hits, before stroking.

I will soften your ailments, after having conscientiously worked them out.

I will search for your soul and body to better unearth the forgotten treasures.


"I suddenly become the place of the darkest mysteries.

I am the braided whip that flogs the skin.

I am the electric current which strikes and paralyzes the muscles.

I am the gag that gags the mouth.

I am the blindfold that hides the eyes.

I am the ties that hold the hands.

I am the frenzied torturer, galvanized by the tortures, and the cries carry me away all the more for they are contained.

At this point I call you to my help Sapphô, my incomparable. Give me the fingers by thousands that soften the wounds.

Give me the lips, the tongue, the saliva which draw in the slow, the sweet, the poisoned land from which one cannot return. "

Monique Wittig

As a dominatrix, my interest is not to accumulate an exponential herd of slaves.

I strive to build invested relationships with carefully selected submissives, who seek a true exchange of power and a relationship of unparalleled trust. Authenticity being for me of paramount importance in my relationship to my subjects, I favor regular relationships over occasional meetings, since they are not giving me the freedom I crave to deepen the relationship as it is important for me to do so.

For a real bond to be created and lasting, it is necessary that you understand by contacting me the extent of the emotional energy that I will need to deploy to guide you through your transformation, and towards the greatest abandonment. Your commitment, your unwavering support and your financial investment represent a matching consideration, allowing me to continue to develop the knowledge and skills that you will benefit from, striving to add real value to my personal and professional life.

The forms of play that I propose draw from the bottomless pit that is the human psyche. Understood as rituals, they become more than a simple moment of parenthesis, but a powerful tool for both psychological and spiritual development; a rather intense erotic experience often leading to an alteration of consciousness and the transcendence of its limits.

This process allows for the release of both ego, pride, attachments, in addition to the healing of deep mental wounds.

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