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Since my desires are orders, I invite you to come and give yourself up to me, to let me caress your secrets with my fingertips.

Come get lost and find yourself in my hands, find out what you were afraid to seek until now. I will know how to reinvent you, I will become your center of gravity.

To better understand my approach of domination, my work as well as my personality, here are links to an interview and a podcast around me.

“That gleam in your eyes, before respect takes hold and the gaze tilts.

This exquisite fear betraying your desire, my raw material: I master the art of turning anxiety into pleasure.

Once nudity is invoked, make you bend.

Inspect you. Your fingers, tense. Your throat, tight. Your eyes, lowered. Your breathing, accelerated. And all that is palpable, come and tie it up. Bring upon you the weight of silence, the burning of the strings; extension of my fingers closed on you.

With a simple look, suddenly divert your thoughts.

Then come and obstruct it: here you are in the dark, no more mirror.

Your vulnerability, your intimacy, nothing is hidden from me anymore.

All there is left is for me to grasp, tease and hurt, too late to escape.

Inventing your surrender, to the rhythm of your breaths, like a music sheet.

Break cover the slightest tension, the twitches and jolts of your skin.

Your last and only secret with me is your blood.

But blood, like excrement, nourishes the most beautiful roses.

Can you keep it?"

"Eyes, blindfolded. A body, delivered.

A voice that carries you away, words that brush against your skin.

My fingers, immersed in silence, envelop you to the rhythm of my steps.

A chemical, clinical rustle, a weaving web; you are captive.

It is the materialization of the mental prison that I created for you.

A cocoon that becomes an escape, an escape into restriction.

I created a membrane over your eyes, like a spider's web.

An inner life in all its nudity.

Blur the boundaries of the epidermis, abolish rupture and vertigo.

Letting the inside filter out, in a puddle, a lake in which I'll reflect myself. Let you spread out there, before gathering yourself together, and with the stroke of a blade, see your skin moult."

Make a mess, shed a skin, come back with a new set of eyes.

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